Friday, 9 April 2010

Week 6 - Geekgirly and Bee Brady - Absurd

Left: Geekgirly
Right: Bee Brady

Bee : This week for The Divine Diptych Project I was paired with the lovely and very talented Geekgirly. Our theme was 'Absurd', and I think my part at least needs explaination.... As I discovered when I actually looked into the meaning of the word absurd, there is a whole philosophy behind it. Absurdism being the result of humans searching for meaning when there is none. The only escape from absurdity is suicide or faith. Well I was very stuck on how to interpret that, so looking further I saw connections to existentialism, especially Camus, and Absurdist literature, such as work by Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear... Ideas started to form.

So this is an absurd self portrait representing existentialism in absurdist literature..... clear ? ; )

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