Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Week 10 - 1960s - Leilani Winslade & MMaeb

Above: Lani
Below: MMaeb

Lani and I didn't see each other's shots beforehand, so when I saw hers (a fabulous group shot that totally makes me think of To Sir With Love), I converted mine to black and white and played a bit with my levels. To make mine look a bit vintage, I also worked with a bit of layering and layer masking.

Even though our subjects are quite different, I liked the idea of them being part of the same photo album, hence the wide margins.

Week 10 - Film Noir - Elle Moss & Bronwen Hyde

left: Elle Moss

Elle: Even though I chose the themes for this week, I was at a loss for what to shoot. Everything I thought of I just never got around to doing and needed a fog machine and well, I got lazy. So I donned a trench and a hat and took the easy way out. Im in love with Bronwen's image which is very Cindy Sherman as well as 'film noir', doncha think?

Week 10: Sci-Fi / Rowandevoe and Sadandbeautiful

Top: Sadandbeautiful (Sarah)
Bottom: Rowandevoe (Merle)

Merle stepped in at the last minute when life got in the way of my assigned partner getting an image together. The theme "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" and I utilized my gas mask thinking about some futuristic, post-apocalyptic world. The idea for a decontamination shower came to me.
Merle created a deliciously creepy image of herself that, as she suggested, seems as if I had to take a decon shower after my run-in with her! :-)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Week 10-Anna and Rowandevoe "The 1980s"

The Lovely Anna www.flickr.com/photos/koch_anek/ on the Right with Me on the Left. We had the theme of the "1980s" for this Diptych-ACK! We were supposed to do a Triptych, but one of our ladies had to sit one out. We miss her!
This diptych was a challenge because I was among just a few ladies who was actually alive and walking around, driving and basically on my way to adulthood in the 1980s. Many of the other women were born in the 1980s!
I am channeling Adam Ant in my first prom dress that I wore when I was 16, my big aqua Fluevog boots, a little red velvet military style vest, gorgeous rhinestone jewelry made by my friend Firuzan in Turkey, tribal face paint and faux-hawk made of a twisted french braid with mainly peacock feathers(the green ends all sewn together).

Anna has a softer look with "totally 80s" makeup(check out her eye makeup-this was an Everyday look back then!), and has added chain jewelry, "biggish" hair and a big black bow. She has totally captured the look! She is just so gorgeous-even in 80s crazy fashion!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Week 10 - Horror

Left: Quizz
Right: Geekgirly

was lucky to be paired with the lovely and talented (VERY talented) Quizz

When I thought of horror I instantly thought of the feeling one sometimes gets when seeing spiders. I believe that Bogna feels the same reaction when she thinks of ghosts. I really like these two images together.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Week 10 - Romance - Pia and Lena

Left Pia
Right Lena

Lena: "I wanted to do something light, feminine and romantic to match Pia's picture.
I love her style. I confess I saw her picture first and then I did mine but sometimes is good to break the rules.
I thought the blossoms posture kind of echoes on Pia's hand on the background and her gracefulness.

Romance for me is the essence of love. You can still love without romance but it would be like a beautiful flower robbed of its perfume,still pretty but not complete".

Week 10 - 1950s - hsmithphotography & The Melody Censor

Top: Heather Evans Smith
Bottom: The Melody Censor

hes - I was thrilled to get this theme and be paired with Susan. As fate would have it, I got my hands on a vintage hairdryer last week. I called on my friend to model and everything came together quickly and just as I had envisioned (which doesn't always happen). I was thrilled to see Susan's image and how well they both worked together

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Week 9 - Metal - Solarina~Lucy Nuzum & the melody censor

Top: Solarina~Lucy Nuzum
Bottom: the melody censor

tmc: Last week completely got away from both Lucy and I, so we are late with our week 9 submission. Our given theme was Metal.

The first thing that came to my mind was precious metals, and how the value of metal has been used as currency throughout history. I had planned to use my coin collection to depict this; alas, my coins were still packed away in boxes so I had to come up with an alternate idea. So I used the glitz and glamour of metal and worked with the refective quality, which I think works really well with fashion shot of Lucy's.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Week 9 - Twilight - Kezzaroo and Rowandevoe

Left is Kezzaroo(Kerrie) and right is me(Merle)
This week I was paired with the super talented Kezz known for her powers of transformation and ability to recreate well know images. Our theme was "Twilight" and before we took our photographs we only discussed if we should try to create them to reflect the current craze for all things of the Twilight books and movies or if we should do something more traditionally associated with the word "Twilight". In the end we just decided to do whatever we each wanted.
Kerrie's "Twilight" photograph looks exactly like the book's cover and is deceptively simple. It takes a lot of photography experience and "know how" to recreate this image. I love it!
I chose to go with a more classic Fairy Tale version of the word and made myself into a Faerie in her secret treasure trove which might venture out once the sun had set and "Twilight" was upon us. I love how the images contrast each other yet go so well together. I loved working with Kerrie too!

Week 9 - Heirloom - Eva & Leilani

Left: Eva
Right: Lani

Lani: Eva and I were both fairly busy this week. Because of time constraints this week I set myself of time limit of 15 minutes to complete my image and knew within that time I would create a still life. When I think heirloom I immediately think of either large items like pianos or jewelry like diamonds and pearls.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Week 9 - Cultivation/Growth - Lililly and Anna

top: Lililly

bottom: Anna

Anna: Week 9 saw me paired with Kate. The theme for this week, chosen by Kate herself, was "cultivation/growth". Kate sent me her image quite early during the week, and I loved her creative take on the theme (yes, I did have a peak). 

I knew I wanted to include some sort of plants in my photo, too. I am planning to sow some herbs and thought I could take a picture of that. But I have yet to buy compost (things don't happen fast in my household). So I settled for the second best - me planting a tree. Or rather me trying to uproot it, by the looks of it;-)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Week 9 - pink - MMaeb & Bronwen Hyde

Left: MMaeb
Right: Bronwen Hyde

Michelle: Bronwen and I didn't discuss anything beforehand, so I was pleased to discover that we had the same tones of pink in our shots. I adjusted the light in mine to echo the brightness in B's window, but that was all it took.

Week 9 - Oppression - Sad and Beautiful Sarah and Geekgirly

Left: Sarah (sadandbeautiful)
Sarah (geekgirly)

Sarah (geekgirly):As soon as I knew that our theme was
"oppressed", I instantly had an idea pop into my head. You can interpret my image as you will, but my goal is to bring across how lucky that we are to live in freedom, unlike our sisters in other countries.

Sarah's image matched mine perfectly! I am so glad that we got matched together as we both (I think) have a similar "bold" style in our images.