Saturday, 18 September 2010

Week 15 - Black - Bronwen Hyde and Marico Fayre

Over: Bronwen Hyde
Under: Marico Fayre

I was pleased to be paired with Marico this round, as I've been a fan of the self-portraits she takes in nature since first being introduced to her work whilst working on the second Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group (FSPASG) book, In Her Own Image.

Both of us have been experiencing a bit of a lull in inspiration, and the theme of 'black' was actually harder than I had first thought.

Initially I edited a self-portrait from my archives, an outtake from my 365 Days project, which Marico paired with her image above; and though the images worked together quite well, on seeing Marico's self-portrait, I mentioned I'd also been toying with using an image of bushfire-charred trees from the aftermath of Victoria's Black Saturday.

I went back to those images, selected this one as working best with her self-portrait and best with the theme, and after a quick swap of layout suggested by Marico, here we are.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Week 15 - Purple - Geekgirly and the reluctant flickrite

Top: Geekgirly

Geekgirly: I was so happy to be paired with Hanna (the reluctant flickrite) after just spending a week hanging out with our cameras in Vancouver! I love how we are both emanating similar emotion in our separate photographs. ;)

This is a diptych project by a group of female photographers who have known each other a long time on Flickr. The project matches two of us together each week with a different theme to interpret how we want, on an individual basis. We then create a diptych using each of our photographs.