Saturday, 3 April 2010

Week 5 - MMaeb and Geekgirly - touch

Left: MMaeb
Right: Geekgirly
Michelle: Sarah and I are both grateful for the good friends we've made through Flickr, including each other, but we both agree that "virtual" communication is not enough. Human beings need physical contact as surely as they need air, water, food... One of our recent conversations sparked the idea for this week's diptych. Our theme was "touch," and we decided to try to convey the longing for touch, rather than touch itself.

We agreed to shoot in colour, but that was about it. As demonstrated above right, Sarah has this ability to create desaturated images that still retain depth and detail. When I saw her image, I adjusted the saturation and exposure of mine slightly to make the tones harmonious, and played with scale and cropping. These were both horizontal images, but ultimately, they seemed to work best when the space between us was smaller.

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  1. Thank you for the compliment Michelle!! xx This diptych is awesome!