Thursday, 17 June 2010

Week 11 - Earth - Lena & Mmaeb

Top: Lena
Bottom: Mmaeb
Lena rose to the occasion with her image, which I then paired with one of the many nature shots in my backlog of unposted images. I tweaked the colours in both images very slightly, but didn't want them to be too matchy-matchy. In the thumbnail view, they look like an odd combo, but I like the shared curves, and the sense of hidden worlds in both. Lena's is obviously much more evocative of the theme. I wish we'd had a chance to collaborate more, as she is a wonderful person, but we have both been far too preoccupied with other things to devote much time to Flickr.

On that note, I hope my friends in Flickrland (including the Doomers) can forgive me for being so absent lately. Hope you are all well!

I was paired with the lovely Michelle for this "Earth" theme. We were a bit behind but still came up with something that reflects our views on earth. The plants and grass and the colors that we have all around from the living planet in witch we reside.
My picture was a bit symbolic of what lies beneath earth and how former living things keep giving live to what we see on the surface and love so much.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Week 11 - Allegory - Rowan Devoe & the melody censor

Right: the melody censor(Susan)

Rowan: For Week 11, Susan and I got the theme "Allegory". We both went with a visual form of an Allegory. As an artistic device, an allegory is visual symbolic representation. An example of of a simple visual allegory is the image of the Grim Reaper which is seen as the symbol for death.
Susan chose to do her version of the Comedy/Tragedy masks made famous by the ancient Greeks Plato and Aristotle where ancient Greek plays used masks to mimic life at their time. These masks are now seen as a symbol for all Theatre.

I chose the painting "Primavera" by the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli(1445-1510), "Primavera"(1482) was first the icon of of the springtime renewal of the Florentine Renaissance and has grown to represent the coming of 'spring" in general by showing famous Roman Gods and Godesses related to springtime. I chose to try and turn myself into "Venus" who stands in the middle of this painting.
Whew! I hope I got at least some of that right!

tmc: I am the luckiest girl in the world! I've had the oportunity to pair up with Merle three times now for this project and all three times the results have been great.

When I selected the themes from a hat for this week, Merle and her partner were given the them Allegory (I'm still sorry about the themes girls!), but her partner was unable to participate in the end. So Merle asked if she could pair her interpretation of Boticelli's Primavera with my Melpomene & Thalia. I of course jumped at the chance!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Week 11 - Fire - Anna & the melody censor

Top: the melody censor
Bottom: Anna

tmc: I had the honour of choosing the themes for the projects this week. After putting a bunch of different themes in a 'hat", including the three remaining elements, I pulled FIRE out for Anna and myself. I thought I would photograph something involving my backyard firepit, but dreary weather and a prolonged stay away from home forced me to improvise my shot for the theme. I think the pairing turned out wonderfully though!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Week 11 - Perpendicular - Geekgirly and MFayre

Top: Geekgirly
Bottom: MFayre

Geekgirly: I was so fortunate to be matched with the extremely talented MFayre for Week 11. Our theme was one that we both struggled to come up with an image - or at least I did! I wanted to take an image the portrayed the literal definition of the word "perpendicular" - as in the geometry definition. I love how MFayre's image and mine work so well together! Brilliant!