Saturday, 24 April 2010

Week 8 - Generation - Lililly & Rowandevoe

Left- Rowandevoe

For Week 8 our Theme was "Generation". The lovely Kate(Lililly) is expecting baby number 2 and looking so radiant! We didn't really discuss what we were doing doing for the theme, but I think that both photographs ended up fitting together well.

Lililly: When I thought about the theme 'generations' I immediately thought about the next one, the one I'm soon going to be adding to and the one I'm worrying about so much recently. I wanted to capture my pregnancy and giving life to the next generation, but also the 'Mother's Worry' that is plaguing me right now. Its got me thinking a lot about if my mother worried about anything during her pregnancy with me, and the worry her mother must have had being pregnant [while living in Dover England] during the war.'

Rowan: When I thought about "Generation" I was reminded how I ended up with so many Greats and Grands treasures yet I am not married and would not be having any children. I basically saw it as my branch of the family tree was dying off with me. I am wearing my Grandmother's dress, beside me is my Great Aunt Fagella's(she was from Russia) crystal wine glass and I also have her fine china. Behind me are treasured family photographs of my ancestors. I also embellished my hair with some cherry blossom branches to represent "my branch" of the family tree. I wonder who will tell these relatives' stories after I am gone or who will want to listen like I eagerly did. I was the keeper of stories and my family's treasures in my generation.

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