Monday, 19 July 2010

Week 12 - Juxtapose - Geekgirly and Anna

left: Geekgirly
right: Anna

Geekgirly: I was paired with the beautiful and talented Anna this week! We discussed how we were going to interpret our theme juxtapose before we took our images. We decided that we would take a literal interpretation of the word and have us side by side - although initially we were going to take pictures of ourselves in profile. I am very happy with the results of this collaboration!

Anna: For week 12 I was paired with the lovely Sarah, who I am lucky to have met in real life! She is awesome. I wish we lived closer to each other, but as it stands we are ocean apart.
We did discuss what we wanted to shoot beforehand. It was Sarah's idea to go with the side by side meaning of juxtapose. Initially we were to take profile pictures, but we ended up with these two. I admit, I did see Sarah's photo prior to shooting mine (after all, I was a whole week late with my photo). I decided to juxtapose (sic!) her timeless mask picture with my slightly more contemporary take on being mysterious.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Over: ~Paloma~
Under: Bronwen Hyde

For the Divine Diptych Project
The gorgeous and talented Bronwen and I had the Theme "Parallel"
Bron lives in Australia and is a talented Photographer with wonderful self portraits please visit her here
I love the play of sunshine and parallel shadows on her picture!I went more for the look of parallel as in parallel lives, trying to reflect it with a double exposure. Somehow I really like to do that with my pictures lately with the double exposure or overlay feature on my Nikon.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Week 12 - Vivid - sadandbeautiful (Sarah) and M.Fayre

Left: M.Fayre
Right: sadandbeautiful (Sarah)

M: Sarah and I were both suffering from a lack of inspiration and a surplus of interruption this week. However, this lead us both to photos other than our normal self-portraits and I am actually pretty happy with how these combined (though I do want to collaborate with Sarah on sp's one day as I we often seem to have a similar style or vision). When I saw Sarah's gorgeously graphic building shot I decided to pull one of mine from the archives in order to contrast the natural roundness of the heirloom tomatoes with the stark lines of Sarah's shot. Amazingly, the colors are actually rather similar. Also worth noting, Sarah's is shot with a Holga!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Week 12 - Green - Rowan Devoe, Leilani & the melody censor

Left: Rowan Devoe
Middle: Leilani Winslade
Right: the melody censor

tmc: our given theme for the week wes green, and due to the odd number of participnts this week, we were lucky to get a triptych. I like how the light and shdows in each of the images relate to one another the variety of different greens that still work together.