Monday, 5 April 2010

Quizz and Sadandbeautiful(Sarah)

(Sarah here) This week I was paired with the über-talented Quizz and was extremely nervous about that! Our theme was ROPE. Each of us ended up letting the week get away from us and shooting late. I had a few options ready when Bogna sent me her somewhat macabre image. I ended up playing with my photo bit to match color better, I'll admit (as i was BW before)!

We came out the other side here with a despair/hope kind of thing, we think! All I know is, Bogna is not only beautiful and amazingly talented, she is also incredibly sweet and kind. I adore her and was glad to have the chance to partner with her! I am a bit disappointed in my image as I feel I let my fears about 'living up' to Quizz prevent me from going all out and trying harder.

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