Monday, 5 April 2010

Week 5: MaryElise and Meganzii - Window

left: MaryElise
right: Meganzii

Meg: For Week 5 of the Divine Diptychs, I was paired with Mary and we were assigned "Window(s)" as our theme. Mary and I decided to shoot color, and did not have any further discussion on the matter! We both had very busy weeks, so this diptych is a bit late. ;)

I initially shot using not a window, but a pane of glass (my shower door). I was happy with my shots, but they didn't convey "window" at all, so the next day I decided to shoot again in front of my house, next to an actual window. Now, as you can see... my house has ugly windows! However, I liked this shot, and proceeded to edit about 6 different versions of it. When Mary sent me hers, I thought this version matched very well - they both have a sunshiney kind of feel to them - and we were excited to see that we both have some greenery and nature in our shots.

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