Saturday, 26 February 2011

Week 16 - Bee Brady and The Tiger Moth

Top: Bee Brady
Bottom: The Tiger Moth

Bee Brady: Hanna and I live thousands of miles away, but I love how the theme of us both being lost in the stark wintery landscape has come through in both our photographs. The first thing I thought of when brain-storming ideas for my shot was trying to find the right path, that confusion. I see hanna's shot as finding a solution for my lost deliberating self.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Week 16 - Doors Geekgirly and Pia

Left: Pia
Right: Geekgirly

After a little bit of a hiatus the Divine Diptych Project is back! I was happily paired with Pia for this week and our theme was "Doors".

Pia had a photo that she had taken in the summer of some beautiful doors and a lovely garden. I think that it fits beautifully with my stark winter door. I took my photo with a lensbaby...still trying to hang of it.

Week 16 - Signs - sandandbeautiful (Sarah) & the melody censor

tmc: For the first week back I was paired with the wonderful sandandbeautiful (Sarah). Our theme this week was Signs.

It has been rediculously cold here, so venturing out to take photos wasn't really a valid option, so I too photos of the sign in the gallery I work in.