Sunday, 25 April 2010

Week 8 - Spring - Kerrie and Anna

left: Anna
right: Kerrie

Anna: Week 8 of The Divine Diptych Project saw most of the girls involved taking a break. Life tends to get in the way, and some things are simply more important than others. Still, a few of us were game, and I was paired with the fantastic Kezz.

All the themes for this week were homonyms (you know, words which despite the same spelling and pronunciation have different meanings). Kerrie and I got "spring", so plenty of meanings to choose from.

I'm usually quite miserable during autumn and winter. It's only when spring arrives that I start to feel alive. I've got more energy and am generally happier. So much so, that I could jump out of joy. And that's what my photo is about.

Kerrie's image just screams "spring". That blossom is awesome:-)

Despite somewhat different takes on the theme, I think the two pictures match well. I love that we both have pinks, greens and blues in our photos. And I love that they make me smile.

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