Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Week 7 - Snow White - Susan (the melody censor) and Merle (Rowan DeVoe)

Left: the melody censor
Right: Rowan DeVoe

Rowan: For Week 7 of the Divine Diptych Project I volunteered to pick the themes which meant that they would be everything from Art Movements, Historic Eras to Fairy Tales. I got the theme Snow White (my favourite Fairy Tale). The woman I was paired with had to sit out this week unexpectedly. But another member, Susan aka "the melody censor" (whom I had done another diptych with earlier and loved working with) jumped in at the last minute with a photograph she had and it worked out perfectly.

She (on the left) is portraying the Evil Queen in her disguise of the Old Woman in Rags offering Snow White the poisoned apple with the red poisoned side facing Snow White. I love how scary she looks!

I finally forced myself to take a photograph I have been trying to figure out how to do forever. I have wanted to be Snow White in her glass coffin but haven't been able to come up with how I would create this glass coffin. Since I forced myself to make one for this photograph(it is real, no photoshop) I feel like I have finally crossed a big "Have to do" photograph off my list! It was very claustrophobic inside it but I kept going and squirming in and out of it to push the 10 second timer and them quickly squirm back in(I could only get in it through the bottom so any photos that did turn out were happy accidents). An added bonus were the Tudor Roses in the leaded glass.

tmc: YAY! Lucky me, I get to play twice this week!! Like I said earlier in the week, I wanted to do photos for all of Merle's amazing themes, and when her partner couldn't participate this week, I jumped at the chance to pair with her GORGEOUS Snow White photo. My Evil Queen is a new edit of a photo I took last August, but knew instatly that it would work as the Evil Queen with a little work. Through combined editing on both our parts, I think the pair worked out wonderfully!

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