Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 3 - Movement - rowandevoe & MFayre

Left: MFayre
Right: rowandevoe

Merle has to be one of the most prolific artists I know, and one of the most patient. We were both battling illness this week, but Merle was a sweetheart and sent me a dozen or so images to choose from. They are all gorgeous images, but I think this combination works best (an alternate version is on my Flickr stream, if you are curious). I decided to illustrate "movement" using a long exposure on the water, while Merle froze her movement. It was very interesting to see how we both interpreted this idea, and as an added bonus I had fun editing Merle-style!


  1. Totally gorgeous, I love how merle's fabric mimics the movement of the water. :)

  2. totlly agree with kate!!
    so beautiful ladies


  3. thank brady and ligeia! and, thank you dear may! you are too kind. i love the image you chose! just divine! it makes my little photograph look like a big whoo! i love the colours-the moss, the river, the fabric, and your look an alabaster statue of a goddess! what fun! i think we should put the other version right under this one! i love it as well and i love that we both have an affinity for granny boots with old fashioned looking skirts! xo!