Thursday, 18 March 2010

Week 3 - Dress - hsmithphotography and Bee Brady

Left - hsmithphotography / Heather Evans Smith
Right - Bee Brady

Click on it to see it bigger :)

hes - This week's theme came easy for me this week. I asked Brady should we be literal as in a picture of a dress or use it as a verb, like "to dress". We decided we could choose either. I decided to do both, getting dressed in a dress. It just so happened that our dresses are the same color scheme. A happy accident.

BB - I found this week so difficult and I am not even sure why. Just a mental block on 'dress' for some reason. I knew I wanted to do a still life, but I kept changing my mind constantly about how..... I was finally satisfied when I saw how well mine goes with Heather's beautiful self portrait.