Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 3 - Delicate/Soft - Anna and MaryElise

The themes were announced on Friday last week, and Mary immediately sent me an email to ask about my preferences on colour or style of our images. She herself preferred colour over black and white, and she was fairly sure that weather conditions would prevent her from shooting outdoors.

I have already taken my photo before I had a chance to read Mary’s email. As luck would have it, I did shoot indoors and in colour. I was anxious to see Mary’s interpretation of our theme. And fairly nervous too, as the other girls have set the bar really high this week and I was not sure if my image would be a good match for Mary’s undoubtedly gorgeous one.

Mary seemed equally unsure about her image when she finally sent me one, because it was not what she had initially intended. But I loved it and I could not help it but smile when I first saw it.

Unknowingly, we have both used pink in our photos and both our images had some lovely shadows in them. I also loved how my hands mirrored the wave-like dish in Mary’s photo. And I thought it funny that Mary should go for the “soft” whilst I for the “delicate” part of our theme.

After trying out all the possible placing options, we have settled down for this one. We both liked the humorous aspect of the glass perhaps landing on the soft marshmallows.


  1. This is really pretty Anna and Mary! I love the pinks and the movement!
    So delicate and soft! <3

  2. I love this...they are very complimentary!

  3. Love this, great interpretations of the theme :)