Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 3 - Dirty - Meganzii and Bronwen Hyde

Left: Meganzii
Right: Bronwen Hyde

The lovely Elle Moss came up with the themes for week three, and she didn't disappoint, inspiring all of us, I'm sure.

Meg and I both had the opportunity to shoot over the weekend, so we dove straight into our 'dirty' theme.

The only discussion we had beforehand was regarding format (which was a very vague discussion, but decided when I took my self-portraits and let Meg know I'd shot landscape), and Meg wanted to work in colour.

Despite knowing nothing of each other's intent, location, props, colour palette, or even whether either of us were doing self-portraits, I squealed with joy when I saw Meg's three image options! Somehow we'd managed to work in very similar colours - green, pink and flesh tones - and both had flowers and leaves as a feature in our composition.

I paired my image with two of Meg's to give her a couple of options, but we both agreed this pairing was strongest: a nice echo between the curve of Meg's hand and the (slight) curve of my body, and a feeling that the out of focus leaves in the bottom right corner of Meg's shot are coming into focus in mine.

Though my original idea had been to combine being dirty, with dirty pictures (a sort of centrefold image) and a dirty look at the camera (somewhat subverting the dirty picture idea with a bit of a Cindy Sherman-esque centrefold - a defiant "I know you're looking at me, but I'm not doing this for your enjoyment" kind of thing) I ultimately decided to go with a less confrontational version of my image when pairing it up with Meg's to give a softer approach that fit more with her image.

We're both quite pleased with our work this week, and can't wait to see what the other ladies come up with!


  1. Well that is an awesome pairing!!

  2. WOW WOW and WOW

    absolutely thrilling ladies

    love it!

  3. So stunning. I love this more every time I see it.

  4. what brady said. Love how the tones match and the mood of each play off each other. its like you shot these together and not apart. brilliant pairing!

  5. Beautiful tones here girls, the images work so so well together!

  6. So very gorgeous!
    The pink is so delicate and feminine!
    well done!

  7. I agree, this gets better every time you see it. It's lovely