Friday, 12 March 2010

Week 2 - Bee Brady and JulietHome - Music

Left - Bee Brady
Right - julietHome
Click on image to enlarge

Juliet and I have very similar self portraiture styles already so I was excited to see what we would come up with together. I am delighted with the result ! I love how together they have made a story, like I am listening to her play through the earth. The only thing we agreed on before was that they would be colour and 8" X 10" crop.


  1. these go perfectly! love the mood and vintage feel.

  2. I adore the colors!
    Awesome pictures girls!!

  3. and now I wanna go outside and dance to music :)
    lovely work ladies

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  5. oh! Love the realationship between these. one playing the other listening. Love it!