Friday, 12 March 2010

Week 2 - Shoes - Bronwen Hyde and Anna

Left: Bronwen Hyde
Right: Anna

Anna and I have joined in the fun for the first time this week. I think both of us felt that maybe we didn't have time for a weekly project, but ultimately decided the incentive to create was too good, and were greatly impressed by the diptychs created by the other ladies in week one.

Due to the time difference, with Anna being in the UK and myself being in Australia, our quick emails prior to shooting only covered discussion of format, and that Anna wanted to work in colour (I forgot to ask, but had this very colourful image in mind, so was relieved when Anna hadn't opted for B&W).

I also mentioned I had no issue whatsoever with mixing and matching format: landscape and square, portrait and landscape...

I love Anna's image, but initially was concerned about matching up the bold colours in my image with the beautiful muted tones in hers. But I think the echoing positioning of the shoes, the diagonals leading your eye from my image to Anna's and the red popping in both images brings them together much better than I'd have expected.


  1. They do work really well together!

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  3. The colour pop here is just perfect !

  4. I really love the mix of formats too. I think I will suggest that in one of my future collaborations.

  5. Very cool! I love the POP of colours in Bronwen's photo and the subtleness of the colour in Anna's photo = perfect match!

  6. Beautiful ladies!!
    I love the colors and how whell they go!
    Lovely!! <3

  7. I want them both! heh
    fantasic <3

  8. I looked at this for a long time. The colors had my eyes checking out every detail. Well done!

  9. how could I not love this! I adore shoes and I adore red! Wonderful!!