Monday, 3 May 2010

Week 9 - Twilight - Kezzaroo and Rowandevoe

Left is Kezzaroo(Kerrie) and right is me(Merle)
This week I was paired with the super talented Kezz known for her powers of transformation and ability to recreate well know images. Our theme was "Twilight" and before we took our photographs we only discussed if we should try to create them to reflect the current craze for all things of the Twilight books and movies or if we should do something more traditionally associated with the word "Twilight". In the end we just decided to do whatever we each wanted.
Kerrie's "Twilight" photograph looks exactly like the book's cover and is deceptively simple. It takes a lot of photography experience and "know how" to recreate this image. I love it!
I chose to go with a more classic Fairy Tale version of the word and made myself into a Faerie in her secret treasure trove which might venture out once the sun had set and "Twilight" was upon us. I love how the images contrast each other yet go so well together. I loved working with Kerrie too!


  1. Ahhh!
    Kerrie should do a tutorial on how she did it!

  2. I can imagine Merle sitting in a toadstool or a tree knot hole somewhere!


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