Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Week 9 - Metal - Solarina~Lucy Nuzum & the melody censor

Top: Solarina~Lucy Nuzum
Bottom: the melody censor

tmc: Last week completely got away from both Lucy and I, so we are late with our week 9 submission. Our given theme was Metal.

The first thing that came to my mind was precious metals, and how the value of metal has been used as currency throughout history. I had planned to use my coin collection to depict this; alas, my coins were still packed away in boxes so I had to come up with an alternate idea. So I used the glitz and glamour of metal and worked with the refective quality, which I think works really well with fashion shot of Lucy's.


  1. no entiendo nada...lo teneis todo en ingles^^
    un besote!

  2. Usted podrĂ­a intentar usar un traductor, Abernathy. Como babelfish: