Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Week 10 - 1960s - Leilani Winslade & MMaeb

Above: Lani
Below: MMaeb

Lani and I didn't see each other's shots beforehand, so when I saw hers (a fabulous group shot that totally makes me think of To Sir With Love), I converted mine to black and white and played a bit with my levels. To make mine look a bit vintage, I also worked with a bit of layering and layer masking.

Even though our subjects are quite different, I liked the idea of them being part of the same photo album, hence the wide margins.


  1. this is so excellent ladies! like a flashback, and the thick borders do give the impression of a photo album :D

  2. These pics are amazing - like look back in time. I love the vintage effect and that car is making me swoon! Following you now, maybe follow me too :)


  3. I love these, both individually and collectively. Wonderful interpretation ladies!

    M, you look a bit like Bee in this image :-)

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