Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Week 12 - Vivid - sadandbeautiful (Sarah) and M.Fayre

Left: M.Fayre
Right: sadandbeautiful (Sarah)

M: Sarah and I were both suffering from a lack of inspiration and a surplus of interruption this week. However, this lead us both to photos other than our normal self-portraits and I am actually pretty happy with how these combined (though I do want to collaborate with Sarah on sp's one day as I we often seem to have a similar style or vision). When I saw Sarah's gorgeously graphic building shot I decided to pull one of mine from the archives in order to contrast the natural roundness of the heirloom tomatoes with the stark lines of Sarah's shot. Amazingly, the colors are actually rather similar. Also worth noting, Sarah's is shot with a Holga!


  1. love this! this is VIVID! i love how you both went for photographs that you usually don't take because this diptych is a surprise but a good one and the colours, shapes and whole composition came out amazing! well done ladies!
    (and, i do have to say that after having the honour of doing sp diptychs with you both, you must do one with each other! my diptychs with both of you were amazing experiences. sarah-i am laughing at how ours was so last minute but i love it so much! may, i adore ours as well!)

  2. Miemes, you are very sweet, thank you so much.