Thursday, 15 July 2010


Over: ~Paloma~
Under: Bronwen Hyde

For the Divine Diptych Project
The gorgeous and talented Bronwen and I had the Theme "Parallel"
Bron lives in Australia and is a talented Photographer with wonderful self portraits please visit her here
I love the play of sunshine and parallel shadows on her picture!I went more for the look of parallel as in parallel lives, trying to reflect it with a double exposure. Somehow I really like to do that with my pictures lately with the double exposure or overlay feature on my Nikon.


  1. This is GORGEOUS ladies! Really incredible. I love it!

  2. wow! this is so amazing! bron, i love the play of light and shadow you have captured-what a amazing eye you have! lena, i love how you thought of a different take on this theme. your photo is gorgeous and magical. they both work so well together! fabulous job ladies!