Friday, 15 June 2012

Week 22- Marico Fayre and Pia - Morgan le Fay-Glamour

Top: Marico Fayre
Bottom: Pia   

Pia: For the week 22 we were given the theme:

Morgan le Fay-Glamour
*"Glamour"-old Scottish word that describes the spell cast by faeries and witches to alter the appearance of reality. Glamour makes something appear other than it really is
*Morgan le Fay-bad rap in Christian Version of Arthur and Guinvere-enemy/works with devil/evil
*Good Rap-"Morrigan", triple Goddess, divine, from isle of Avalon, fairy blood, magical powers, defender of fairy faith/works with nature
*Lesson-all illusion has a price

I decided to concentrate on the glamour side of the theme, and I took my inspiration from the old Hollywood movie stars, and the glamour they generated from the silver screen, and the publicity photos taken of them  (I took this photo in December, so it was way before Liz Taylor died but she was one of the movie stars I was thinking of when I was planning this shoot). I really loved the theme and I'm pretty pleased with the end result :-)

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  1. WOWZA! THIS IS JUST GORGEOUS! i am so happy to see the result of this match! you both did an amazing job with your interpretations. they work so well together. love, love, love! wow pia! love the story behind your image and wowza at your look! i love mae's photograph as well. i am thrilled! the black&white is a great choice as well. xoxo!