Thursday, 19 August 2010

Week 14 - Solitude - M. Fayre and the melody censor

left: M. Fayre
right: the melody censor

tmc: Summer is a busy time for most people, and most (not all) of the participants of he Divine Diptych Project are in areas of the world that are currently experiencing summer, so there are only four ladies able to participate in this round. With only two diptych to create, we decided that it would be an interesting experiment to all use the same theme as the inspiration for contributions - solitude

Marico and I were the first two of the four to have our images ready, so we decided to pair them and post. I think it's interesting that we both chose an outdoor (nature) location as the setting for our solitude. Perhaps it has something to do with life and summer being busy as I said before...

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